Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yarr ! There be Ribbons !

Yo Mama’s Last Supper (by Renee Cox)

(Fictional)Except from Derrida’s Article “On Supperology” first Published by Ad Busters in December 2004

“…but it should be noted that the deconstructive commentary is not limited to religious institutions, it is a parergon that encompasses a much broader area, including feminism, racism, classicism, art history, concept of originality, even linguistics. There has been much discussion over gender ambiguity in Hebrew and Aramaic writings. Still, despite (or perhaps because of) this grandiose scope of disciplines and institutions that are being questioned and tried, the work falls short to dent the systems and engage us in a serious discussion. It is the response of those who believe themselves to suffer from Cox’s affront, that requires the most attention. Such and emotional and forceful attacks can only indicate the innate instability of the systems and a looming collapse. “

(Fictional)Except from Bell Hooks’s Article “She-A Black Messiah” first Published by Ad Busters in December 2004

“…as such, the image of black Jesus is not unknown in predominantly black communities. But a black female nude is quite a different subject. It is a direct and powerful slap in the face of white religious patriarchal society. It goes without saying, that none of them were prepared to turn the other cheek. Christianity and especially Catholicism, as Renee herself pointed out in a number of interviews, traditionally repressed women, had direct ties to European slave trade and endorsed fascism. A rather large Eucharist for a black woman to swallow. On a different level, “Yo Mama’s Last Supper” offers a chance for men of both colors to practice their gaze. “

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