Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Vexing Verses

There was an old jew from the ghetto
He hid jewel-encrusted stiletto
For under the floor
There was a trap door
A cunning old jew from the ghetto

There once was a geezer from Prague
Who liked to give youngsters a hug
He'd follow it up with a sensual rub
And leave them to bleed in the tub.

There once was a man who wore shorts.
He used cardboard boxes as forts.
He trained little flea.
To beg and to plea.
And spent all his life drinking ports.

There was a young slave called Le Pingo.
Who set to revolt San Domingo.
In fire and smoke they killed all white folk.
And adopted the Frenchified lingo.

A citizen known as St. Just,
Knew well Robespierre in the past.
And now he moans,
On the mattress of bones,
In hell, liberated - at last.

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